Klinčer Tubular

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  • This tyre model provides comfortable, smooth and fast ride with minimum of vibrations even in the most demanding conditions of road cycling. Wide tyre tread overlaping the sidewall and the puncture proof ply in the middle of the tread effectively decrease the possibility of flats.

  • Guaranteed specified weight In spite of low weight, this tyre has very good puncture resistance and mileage. Elite S3 <225 g is an enhanced successor of the Tufo‘s best-seller S3 Lite <215 g. In addition to improved tread pattern, it has a new carcass with higher 210/375 TPI count and wider base tape. The result […]

  • Application of composite puncture proof ply and high composite carbon tread compound made possible to use thinner tread and still maintain high mileage. Thinner tread also lowers rolling resistance while the tyre is maintaining ideal shock absorption properties and high puncture resistance.

  • Classic tread pattern model with high mileage and excellent puncture resistance Grooves in the middle part of the tread ensure good tracking, a more rugged arrow shaped pattern on tread shoulders provides superb cornering traction.

  • Very popular training tyre for all around use with higher inflation pressure.

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